Alishan, April 12 - 13, 2010. Click pic for album

Taroko to Kending

Taroko Gorge to Kending, Feb 14 - 19, 2010.

Northern Cross Island Highway

Northern Cross Island Highway, May 19 - 21, 2008. Click pic for album
6th December, 2007

Bad luck

D and the members or her group in the tour around Taiwan
No biking at all this last week. Last Monday, on the morning of the third day of D's long awaited nine day tour of the island, a car ran a red light down in Huwei and D had to do an emergency brake that made her stop dead in her tracks. She hit her jaw and face on the handle bars, broke off four teeth in her lower jaw and had to have 60 stitches in her upper lip and 40 in her lower lip. The helmet was pulled back over her head so the strap caught her throat and she couldn't speak for three or four days. They sent her home in an ambulance to Taida University Hospital after emergency care in Huwei. After a couple of hours in Taida, they said everything was OK, no complications, and sent us home. Five or six days later, they even called from the Huwei emergency center to check on D and make sure that everything was OK. A nice surprise, neither of us had expected that. She's doing fine now and is back working again, but still can't speak properly. Me, H X and T had planned on picking her up in Pinglin last Sunday and ride back to Taipei together with her, but instead I went with D down there to pick her stuff up and say hi to the all the people. H, X and T went biking on Balaka Highway, and that was a great and beautiful ride according to H, so we have to do that soon, but the next ride may be another visit to Fengguizui on Sunday. pinglin.jpg
Some of all the bikes and people on the tour. They were over 60 people, from 10 to 65 years old. Some even had to learn how to ride according to D, but were allowed to participate anyway.
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2 comments to Bad luck

  • Hi Diane,
    This is Abby – F08 of BIT team #20. Hope you’ll totally recover from this accident soon. Let’s go cycling some day when you are available after the rest.

  • tbv

    Thanks Abby. Diane is doing much better. In fact, we just came back from a biking trip to Fengguizui (風櫃嘴) on Wuzhishan (五指山) and Neihu half an hour ago, and she is also doing spinning in the gym already.