Alishan, April 12 - 13, 2010. Click pic for album

Taroko to Kending

Taroko Gorge to Kending, Feb 14 - 19, 2010.

Northern Cross Island Highway

Northern Cross Island Highway, May 19 - 21, 2008. Click pic for album
23rd January, 2008

So how many km did we log last year?

I just reset the bike computer on my FCR before the ride Monday, and it turns out that I logged just over 640 km between the time I bought it in late October and the end of the year, bc.jpg that is, about 320km per month, or an average of 10km per day every day.
In addition to that, I did around 450-500km on the old bike between August and October (a bad computer, so I had to reset it several times and finally lost count). That means we did at least around 1,100km on the bike between August and the end of the year. D did another couple hundred kilometers on top of that before she crashed on her aborted tour around the island. All in all not as much as we had expected. We’ll beat that this year.
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