Alishan, April 12 - 13, 2010. Click pic for album

Taroko to Kending

Taroko Gorge to Kending, Feb 14 - 19, 2010.

Northern Cross Island Highway

Northern Cross Island Highway, May 19 - 21, 2008. Click pic for album
18th February, 2008

Bike theft

One of the copy editors at the paper managed the impossible: She had her bike stolen and managed to get it back with the help of the police. She reported the theft, and the police went with her to the place where it was stolen to find out that there were surveillance tapes showing the guy clearly, how he moved the bike to the side and broke the lock. They hung around, and sure enough, the guy came back to steal more bikes; apparently this was his regular haunt. They caught him and found another 200+ bikes! As a measure of the unlikelihood of something like this happening, our deputy editor-in-chief said he has had seven bikes stolen, and we have had one stolen, as have most other bikers in Taiwan. Here's the story in the Taipei Times.

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