Alishan, April 12 - 13, 2010. Click pic for album

Taroko to Kending

Taroko Gorge to Kending, Feb 14 - 19, 2010.

Northern Cross Island Highway

Northern Cross Island Highway, May 19 - 21, 2008. Click pic for album
18th May, 2009

Pingguang Rd

Yesterday we went down to Xindian again, to do a shorter ride with Ho Yi and Xiaoyi since they hadn’t done the ride along the Xindian River toward Pingguang Rd. The plan was to get lunch at the Vietnamese restaurant and then turn back to Taipei in time for me to go to work at the paper.

Diane coming down Pingguang Rd

We had an early start, met down in Gongguan at 7.45 for a ride down the Xindian River Park — the bridge across the Jingmei River is now open so you can do the whole ride down to Xindian in the river park — so it was still early when we got to the Wulai/Pingguang Rd split. We decided to to do part of the Pinguang Rd and did so for about 7 or 8 kilometers, but not all the way across to the Xintan Rd. We’ll do that next time.

Ho Yi, built for speed

We then rolled back down to the Vietnamese restaurant for a filling meal for four — NT$540. On the way back, it almost started to drizzle, so we skipped the Starbucks (unfortunately the coffee shops on the river bank overlooking Bitan charge 160 bucks for a cappuccino, which I find really expensive)

Facts Check out the previous post for directions on how to get to Pingguang Rd. The whole ride from Xindian and a bit up Pingguang Rd is a leisurely ride for anyone who is just getting started with biking and is a bit wary of going up mountain roads. There are only a couple of not too steep inclines along this part of the road, and they are not too long and can easily be walked. Pingguang Rd goes upward at a very gentle gradient for about 5 or 6 kilometers, to the bridge where you take a sharp right turn. After that, you start climbing up the mountain to get to Xintan Rd on the other side. For those who want to return, the Vietnamese restaurant at the foot of the mountain or the coffee shop on the other side of the river are good destinations (once again, see previous post for directions).

View Pingguang Rd in a larger map

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4 comments to Pingguang Rd

  • Nicole

    Thank you for supplying so much great route info. My partner and I are visiting Taiwan the second week of June and are interested in cycling. I saw that they have city bikes for rental but we are more interested in renting a traditional road or mountain bike. If you can offer any advice via e-mail that would be very appreciated!

  • tbv

    Thanks, I’m glad if it can be of any help. Alan’s mountain bike offers mountain bike rentals, and they also arrange trail/off road ride activities when possible. Here’s their service announcement:

  • Amazing write-ups and some great pictures too. I have riding a lot too. Man, gotta document it. However just read a book by Murakami Haruki…What I talk about when I talk about running – trade running for cycling – it was a good read…and got me thinking – plan on a 100km in the morning. Let’s catch up SOON!!! I really enjoyed our fall ride.

  • tbv

    You seem to have been doing nothing but. I’m envious, we’ve had a couple of weeks off biking again because Diane had a foot problem and I’ve gotten into a gym routine again. Going out tomorrow again.
    BTW, I just bought the same book a couple of weeks ago, a favorite author.