Alishan, April 12 - 13, 2010. Click pic for album

Taroko to Kending

Taroko Gorge to Kending, Feb 14 - 19, 2010.

Northern Cross Island Highway

Northern Cross Island Highway, May 19 - 21, 2008. Click pic for album
29th March, 2010

What a wonderful day

What a wonderful day today was. And we even managed to get on the bikes to use it. Second ride since we bought the bikes and the first without the panniers and the rack. After we came back from the long ride over the New Year’s holiday, I had a problem with numbness in three […]

24th March, 2010

Dunhua bicycle lane revisited

So Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin has been forced to come out and acknowledge that the Dunhua bicycle lane was a complete failure. Read the report in Taiwan’s best English language paper, the Taipei Times. It took Hau half a year or so to admit that the city wasted NT$100 million (US$3 million) on 4.5km of […]

16th March, 2010

Panniers on road bikes

Our new bikes are racing bikes rather than touring bikes, which among other things means that there are no threaded holes in the bike frame to mount a rack for panniers if you’re doing a longer ride and don’t want to carry a back pack. For our six-day new year ride from Taroko to Kending, […]

12th March, 2010

2010 Taipei International Cycle Show

An invitation to attend the opening ceremony for the 2010 Taipei International Cycle Show just dropped into my mailbox the other day. If I can’t go on the opening day, I’ll definitely go on one of the other days. It is open to the public on Saturday, March 20. Here are the opening hours from […]

4th March, 2010

Six days from Taroko Gorge to the Hengchun Peninsula

During the long Lunar New Year’s holiday, we joined up with Tim and six of his friends for a long ride from Taroko Gorge and down along the East Rift Valley and the east coast of the Hengchun Peninsula to Kending and then up along the west coast to Checheng. Taroko Gorge I’ll do a […]