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24th March, 2010

Dunhua bicycle lane revisited

So Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin has been forced to come out and acknowledge that the Dunhua bicycle lane was a complete failure. Read the report in Taiwan’s best English language paper, the Taipei Times.
It took Hau half a year or so to admit that the city wasted NT$100 million (US$3 million) on 4.5km of biking lane, something that anyone on a bike has been aware of since day 1, actually since even before it was opened. It ran on the road, and police have done nothing to enforce the ban on scooters using it or cars parking in it.
What they will do now is open the lane to all traffic Mon-Fri and only let it be exclusively used as a bike lane on weekends. Unless they actually have the police enforce it on the weekends, though, it will of course be no different from any other day of the week, ie, it will be useless as a bike lane.
Hau also said that the way to do it would have been to do what I suggested in an earlier rant, namely, shrink the width of the road, expand the sidewalk and put the bicycle lane on the expanded sidewalk, off the road.
If they had consulted with a few biking organizations before they got started, they might have been told that was the only way to do it. As it is now, it would have been much better if the city had used these NT$100 million to pay off they city’s debt to the national health insurance system instead of wasting it like this.
Edit March 26:Taipei Times editorial

4 comments to Dunhua bicycle lane revisited

  • I’m always surprised that Taiwan even manages to stay afloat with this stupid waste of money.
    Not bike related, but the ETC is another example. So instead of a full-on electronic toll system they have this half-assed system that’s in place at the moment. Which does nothing to reduce congestion, and speeds up time through the toll road by less than 30 seconds.
    Sigh. Just keep riding anyway of course.

  • tbv

    And Taipei City seems to have made it an art form. Luckily it is quite easy to get out of the city, but unluckily, getting out of the city for me and D means going up or down Dunhua. That makes this bike lane fiasco twice as annoying.

  • Peter

    I’ve tried the bike lane, just to be bloody minded about it. My conclusion: it’s slower than going on the sidewalk; and more dangerous than going on the road proper. And yes, anyone who bikes regularly in this city knew it would be that way.

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