Alishan, April 12 - 13, 2010. Click pic for album

Taroko to Kending

Taroko Gorge to Kending, Feb 14 - 19, 2010.

Northern Cross Island Highway

Northern Cross Island Highway, May 19 - 21, 2008. Click pic for album
11th February, 2013

A coffee in Danshui

A view from the Dazhi bridge Another ride today, up to Danshui for lunch and a cup of coffee. The Central Weather Bureau definitely got the New Year forecast wrong for Taipei. No rain, but blue skies and a light breeze. Looking around, however, the skies were grey in the west and south, and […]

10th February, 2013

New Year’s Day ride

We had too much to eat last night, New Year’s Eve, so we decided to go take a spin around Taipei to shake it all down. Also Thor ignored the Central Weather Bureau, left Sleipner in the stable and refused to lift Mjolner, so there was no rain and thunder and lightning despite the CWB’s […]

26th November, 2012

Taipei city bike rentals (sticky)

For anyone who wants to rent a bike in Taipei, the features section of Taiwan’s best English-language newspaper, the Taipei Times, ran an article on the Taipei City Government’s bike rental system in today’s edition, Share and share a bike. The program, which is a joint project between the city government and Giant, provides cheap […]

21st November, 2012

Dunhua bike lane, RIP?

Taking the doggies for a walk last week, I realized that the Taipei city government finally is doing something about that completely useless, wasteful bike lane going up and down Dunhua. To the tune of NT$100 million, it was useless from day one, which, of course, was just ahead of the 2010 mayoral election (why […]

7th November, 2012

The Roaring Silence

A view of Bitan No cars, no buses, no scooters, no trucks, no horn-honking, no loudspeakers selling aluminum net doors, no sirens. But it’s not quiet. Instead, there’s a roaring silence. There are birds singing, insects humming, the sound of mountain streams, the breeze going through the trees, your own heartbeat (topped 176 yesterday) […]

22nd July, 2012

Scorching heat

A few days ago we decided to ignore the scorching sun and get on the bikes for a 90k ride in the river park, from the MacArthur Bridge down to Gongguan and back. In the end, we cut it in half because as it turned out, it was impossible to ignore the heat.

A break […]

6th June, 2012

Biking again. Not.

Decided to do a 90k ride yesterday. Fixed up the bikes last week although that ride rained away in the end, so at least the bikes shouldn’t have been a problem. But of course D’s front tyre had a slow leak so it was empty. The leak was at the base of the air vent, […]

30th November, 2011

Around Taipei

We had planned to ride up Fengguizui, but as we got closer to the mountains we biked into a constant drizzle. The mountains surrounding the Taipei basin were all enveloped in a grey mist, while the basin was bathed in sunshine and blue skies. We decided to go around Taipei instead. Since they closed the […]

24th October, 2011

Xindian loop revisited

A friend bought a new bike, so together with Tim at Tima Bikes, who sold him the bike, we took a shorter ride down the Xindian River Park to Bitan (碧潭) and then across the river along Xintan Road (新潭路) halfway down to Wulai (烏來) so he could try out the bike and Tim could […]

17th October, 2011

Xiao Getou

Getting back on the bike after a couple of months of spinning classes at the gym is making a huge difference. Today, we did Xiao Getou (小格頭) again, taking the longer route, 47-1 at 9km, rather than the 47 at 7km. To my surprise, I made it all the way to the top without once […]